World's First Natural Products

   World’s First Natural Products creates and markets high quality extracts and vitamins with innovative and pioneering processes that insure the most effective and immediate health producing results. A unique partnership of scientists, manufacturers and researchers have developed a line of products that are uniquely potent and timely to support and strengthen the immune system, as well as creating and sustaining new levels of vitality and well-being.

   World’s First Natural Products is comprised of three main partnerships, in the areas of manufacturing, research & development and marketing.

   The manufacturing, testing and quality control division of our company is owned and o perated by Dr. Robert Marshall, who owns and operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that is known internationally as the pre-eminent manufacturer of excipient-free, premier quality nutraceutical formulations and super-food concentrates. It is located in Austin Texas. This plant includes a 75,000 sq.ft. manufacturing and educational facility for 250 doctor and individual participants, a natural foods restaurant, a medical clinic, and a rejuvenation health spa- all under one roof. This unique situation allows state of the art health products to be freshly available for integration in a clinical setting.

   The research division team is directed and coordinated by Stan Solomonson, DC, a Clinical Nutritionist/Chiropractor with over 3 decades experience as a clinician and developer of innovative natural remedies and fido-nutrients. His network includes leading PhD. and M.D. researchers who look to Dr. Solomonson to assist them in final stage development, packaging and marketing of their patented discoveries.


The design and marketing team includes graphic/web designer Richard Quinn and Bill and Nina Wurtzel in advertising, as well as the entire support staff of customer relations for incoming orders and questions. Everything is coordinated by Colleen, the projects manager.

What is unique in this triad of partnering is the seamless integration of research development, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and client support. Thus, enabling a truly integrated, very high quality approach to the self-care programs that utilize these truly life enhancing products.

World's First Natural Products is commited to bringing you the world's finest nutraceutical formulations and super-food concentrates.

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