World's First Ultra ImmuneBerry

Ultra ImmuneBerry
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Ultra ImmuneBerry

The seasonal immune challenges we face have never been more severe. In order to assure good health and maximum performance during the cold winter season we have created an immune support formula called Ultra ImmuneBerry.
Formulated with medical experts in natural product chemistry, we have combined compatible, naturally derived extracts that confer immune support specific to the winter season immune challenges.

Ultra ImmuneBerry contains a blend of cranberry high PAC (proanthocyanidins) extract; patented, proprietary and only available in this unique Ultra ImmuneBerry product. This is blended with a high PACElderberry; patented as well and formulated with vitamin C, zinc, green and black tea extracts, vitamin D3, in a base comprised of arabinogalactins. This is an active immune boosting patented natural material form from Lonza of Switzerland.
The Ultra ImmuneBerry formula is encapsulated in pure VegeCaps with no fillers, excipients, or additives. It contains only the pure active ingredients.

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