Energy Drops ~ Cell Ready B Complex with DHLA

Energy Drops
Cell Ready B Complex w/DHLA
2 oz. Bottle
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Energy Drops ~
Cell Ready B Complex with DHLA

   This is a truly unique form of liquid, cell-ready B Complex Vitamins that are combined with the powerful antioxidant DHLA. It also is in a form that is 100% cell-ready for use. DHLA is a key component in cells protective anti-oxidation.
Every few years a truly game changing technology is discovered, whether it is in the field of communications, engineering, computer science, nutritional science.
   The process of manufacturing the cell ready forms is one of these breakthroughs. It resulted by combining basic fermentation methods with a long series of trials that resulted in finished forms of the B complex vitamins, as well as the DHLA. They are made by separate strains of friendly probiotic organisms, that are the same form of these nutrients the human cell recognizes and uses. All of the nutrients, and this is the important part, are delivered in a form that requires no further processing by the body. Hence the use of the phrase “cell-ready”. This results in the near instant absorption of high energy, inherently unstable, high energy molecules, that your body uses. These are food derived naturally and serve to maximize the energy metabolism we depend on for our energy. In otherwords, we experience a smooth energy boost unlike anything an artificially created supplement or stimulant forces.

   Plus the other functional benefits of B vitamin complex such as folic acid are immediately used by the body as they are provided in the same form, in this case, 5 methyl tetrahydrofolate, saving the methylation steps by the liver; as this form is already methylated by the probiotics, and delivered intact to the body as a perfect cellular payload. No other B Complex product can claim this cell-ready quality, and it stands alone as the most perfect form of this nutritional supplement available.
DHLA, di-hydro lipoic acid, is a unique antioxidant, shown in the following chart to be key for many molecules to be recycled and activated in normal cell metabolism. (attach chart on DHLA)

Start now to enjoy the many benefits of this unique cell-ready B Complex with DHLA.

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For further information on the product components and scientific studies, please go here: www.relevantstudies.com


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