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Pure D3
We are offering the highest level of D3 available in an astounding 2000 IU s per drop.
Vitamin D3 is presented by World’s First in the most concentrated form available, each drop containing 2000 IU of fresh solvent free pure Vitamin D3 in a base of extra virgin olive oil and Vitamin E to assure protection against oxidation. It is packaged in a light blocking glass bottle, and has a measured dose bottle dispenser.

Vitamin D is the only vitamin that even skeptics who question the wisdom of even taking supplements agree that all persons should supplement with Vitamin D, D3 being the most biologically active form.

Epidemiological studies have shown a majority of people living in Northern regions have a deficiency of this Vitamin , especially during winter months.

It has been recently published that this deficiency may be a primary cause for a higher incidence of certain illnesses associated with winter months.

We continue to research the relevant options and best source for the purest products for your self care program using natural products available from World’s First Natural Products.

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