World's First CalmPlex-Liquid Natural Melatonin

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CalmPlex-Liquid Natural Melatonin
CalmPlex is a unique, all-natural, non-synthetic form of liquid melatonin, that allows doses to be measured from minute to moderate depending on preference and need. This is accomplished through a proprietary patent pending process and we are proud to offer this breakthrough World’s First Natural Product.
Recent research in melatonin show the multiple benefits. Among them being more restful sleep as well as being a healthful antioxidant.

World’s First’s focus is to provide products that are superior in function, economical in cost, and unique in delivery format. CalmPlex-Cell Ready Melatonin is a winner in all three categories.

Cell Ready CalmPlex is the purest form of melatonin available. It is delivered in a liquid system which assures it’s freshness.

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