World's First Scientific Breakthroughs

Our Truly Unique Difference

Breakthrough Technology and Philosophy
If we can’t make a truly superior product, we don’t make it.

We chose the name World’s First Natural Products for our company because we believe every one of our natural products delivers a ‘world’s first’ in nourishment, protection and health. That’s why you can count on every World’s First product to be a genuinecontribution, an innovation and a breakthrough.

We Believe In the Power of Whole-Food.

World’s First Natural Products are whole-food complexes, not synthetic chemical isolates like most other supplements. The advantages of a whole-food complex vs. synthetic chemical isolates are significant:

1. Your body accepts World’s First’s whole nutiernts easily and absorbs them readily.

2. World’s First’s whole food, "live sourced" complex vitamins and extracts are rich and super concentrated with naturally occurring phytonutrients that deliver the full spectrum of nature’s benefits quickly to your cells. This is why we have a complete line called 'Cell Ready."

3. World’s First’s whole food complex vitamins and extracts work in complete harmony with your body’s natural chemistries – not on your body, like synthetic chemical isolates.

4. Because our vitamins and minerals are delivered as a recognized food, your body speedily understands what to do with them; a natural life process perfected over tens of thousands of years. Chemical "isolates" force their way in, attemptimg to “tell” your body what do with them.

We create the real thing rather than a synthetic version of the real thing.

We Are Committed to Scientific Validation

Our scientific knowledge is deep, our commitment to scientific validation is strong and our driving principle is simple:

While we always look to nature, first, to guide us in the formulation of our products, we rely just as heavily on modern science to validate their effectiveness and to seek out ever greater discoveries in natural nourishment and health.

We have a prestigious team of scientific professionals.

Our scientific team consists of some of the world’s most respected scientific minds covering multiple disciplines, including both traditional, integrative medicine, biology, biochemistry, botany, agriculture and nutrition.

Learn more about our breakthrough scientific processes and delivery systems. Each of our products is accompanied by a set of recent scientific studies supporting the benefits of our unique offerings, most of which have only been available prior to this through doctors and hospitals.

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